Testing and Tagging

Electrical Testing and Tagging

Testing and tagging electrical appliances in your workplace will ensure you maintain a safe and secure commercial premises.

Our edge is that we are licensed electricians that are specifically qualified to complete test and tag work.

The A1 Sparky team are able to effectively test and tag your commercial appliances to regulatory standards whilst remaining cost-effective. An electrical test and tag is something that needs to be done and done well, but we understand our customers desire to keep the costs low. This is why we offer such competitive pricing on our test and tag services.

As with all A1 Sparky services, you can be sure of a high quality of workmanship and reporting to identify the areas that need to be repaired, replaced or monitored.

Why carry out electrical test and tags?

All businesses are required to ensure their appliances are tested and tagged in line with Australian regulations. Failure to do so can result in electrical failure, which leaves your business exposed should damages occur as a result.

It is a situation that no commercial business owner wants find themselves in, which is why we offer this fast and efficient service to address any areas that may be of concern.

Let our team handle your workplace testing and tagging requirements today – simply contact us to organise an inspection.

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