Commercial Electricians Dedicated to Professionalism, Quality and Safety
We maintain and service a large number of commercial properties, providing a full suite of electrical contracting solutions to clients. We set the standard for quality, efficiency and attention to detail in Sydney’s commercial sector.

Time that your business spends out-of-action is money lost. An A1 Sparky commercial electrical solution is carried out with as little disruption as possible to your day-to-day objectives, whilst maintaining high levels of quality and care. All our commercial electricians work with professionalism and respect for your business as their guiding principles.

  • Testing and Tagging

    Electrical Testing and Tagging Testing and tagging electrical appliances in your workplace will ensure you maintain a safe and secure commercial premises. Our edge is that we are licensed electricians that are specifically qualified to complete test and tag work....

  • Green Energy Solutions

    Green Commercial Energy Solutions At A1 Sparky, green energy solutions are an important part of what we do. We offer a range of energy efficient, green options that will help your office, store, workplace or commercial operation cut electricity costs...

  • Commercial Security Systems

    Commercial Security and Alarm Systems Secure your Sydney commercial premises with a solution from A1 Sparky. Our security packages utilise the latest technology, providing you with advanced functionality such as smartphone security monitoring to ensure your business is secure around...

  • Power Factor Correction

    Power Factor Correction Improve your business’ power factor and save money on your energy bills. Anything less than 100% efficiency means that your premise is requiring extra power to keep up with electrical requirements. The team at A1 Sparky can...

  • Emergency Lighting

    Emergency Lighting Testing We provide detailed inspections and reporting to our customers on scheduled emergency lighting testing. Annual fire certification is a requirement for commercial businesses, and we offer testing and repairs that will ensure your workplace complies with Australian...

  • Commercial Switchboards

    Commercial Switchboard Repairs, Installations and Inspections We cater for your business’ switchboard needs, from minor repairs and safety switch replacements, through to a full-scale upgrade of your current system. Many common commercial electrical problems can stem from a faulty switchboard,...

  • Thermal Imaging

    Thermal Imaging Services Using sophisticated software, A1 Sparky provides a detailed report on the thermal imaging scanning performance of your office, workplace or commercial premises. Thermographic scan reports can help reduce insurance premiums, and prevent down time due to switchboard...

  • Storm Water and Sewage Maintenance

    Stormwater and Sewage Pump Maintenance A1 Sparky offers routine inspection, maintenance, repairs and replacement of stormwater and sewerage pumps. A fully functioning sewage pump is vital to the operations of your business. Our team utilise the best quality materials and...

20 Years of Combined Experience In Your Sector

  • High-rise structures
  • Shopping centres
  • Strata complexes
  • Schools
  • Factories
  • Retails
  • And more


Our team delivers bespoke commercial installations to ensure that your business is being supported by top-of-the-range electrical infrastructure.