Phone and data cabling

Our phone and data cabling services are certified by the Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS), which means we are legally able to operate on the following:

  • Telephone cabling: Connecting all telephone lines within your home to ensure your telecommunications operate effectively.
  • Structured data cabling: We offer CAT 5E, CAT 6 cables which can be effectively utilised for internet, phone, data, EFTPOS, fax, ADSL and naked ADSL.
  • Free-to-air cabling: Ensuring your free-to-air signal maintains a clean, crisp signal.
  • Foxtel cabling: Offered for households looking to install MATV, pay TV, Foxtel and broadband Internet.
  • AV cabling: Incorporating HDMI, USB 1-3 and display port cabling into your residential property.
Why contact us for your phone and data cabling needs?

Our phone and data cabling installers utilise the latest technology and safety standards. We handle small or large jobs, enabling us to cater equally for small phone cabling requirements through to a full telecommunications and data network installation. We maintain a flexible approach, delivering bespoke solutions to suit your specific needs.

Contact us today for a quote or inspection on your property’s telephone and data cabling systems.

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